Our Anaplan™ certified team of product experts, solution architects & implementation engineers help empowering companies to use their supply chain as a strategic weapon by understanding four key attributes—cost & efficiency, reliability, agility, and responsiveness. We offer:

  • Solution design & Data Modelling
  • Implementation Services
  • Anaplan training
  • Testing & Data migration
  • Support & Maintenance

Agri Cloud

This is our product with a vision of digitizing agriculture by using a combination of cloud-based technologies and the fast growing mobile technology to improve agricultural practices in India. Some of our key offerings are:

  • Improved Planning process by capturing ground level data.
  • Strengthen the Execution process by digitization of all transactions.
  • Market Linkage resulting in increased revenue for farmers.
  • Ease of doing business with our Mobile & Web enabled platform.
  • Digital data store for Advanced analytics.

SCM Integrations

With our expertise in supply chain domain backed by a highly experienced team of implementation engineers allows us to deliver reusable and high performance integrations. Our key strengths are:

  • Tool Agnostic services
  • Design for performance & ease of maintenance.
  • Productized, Plug & Play solutions.
  • Data validation frameworks.
  • Support & Maintenance.

Custom Solutions

Our expertise in Agile project management and development of packaged solutions can be leveraged in Custom software implementations.

  • Agile Methodology.
  • Design, Build & Test services.
  • Expertise in diverse technical stack.
  • Rapid application development framework.