Our Story So Far ...

Founded in 2015, we perhaps have made a short journey but we have come a long way! We have worked with great customers globally, solved complex problems, delivered several time-critical projects on time, forged deep rooted partnerships and grew our team. A brief glimpse of our journey right here for you…

  1. time-line
    Dec, 2014
    Concept of Keansa is envisioned

    Concept of a company offering highly relevant and specialised solutions on new technology platforms using Cloud, Mobile and Databases

  2. time-line
    Sept, 2015
    Keansa is born

    Keansa come to life to find "key answers" for some core problems in Supply Chains and Health Care. Anaplan Center of Excellence is formed to service complex Global Supply Chain implementations on Anaplan technology.

  3. time-line
    March, 2016
    Stepping into Digital Agriculture

    Keansa receives incubation support from International Crop Research Institute - ICRISAT. Digital Agriculture and Agriculture Value Chain projects start. Farmore, a product that digitises Farmer Producer Companies business processes is piloted in Andhra Pradesh.

  4. time-line
    Sept, 2017
    Growing Teams. First steps in Africa. Kudos in India.

    Keansa delivers a Seed Planning Solution for Tropical Legumes Project in Africa that is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Janahitha, the grievance management and redressal system for Govt of Telangana and developed by Keansa, goes on to earn kudos for digital transformation. Anaplan projects double in size.

  5. time-line
    Jan, 2018
    New Partners. New Places

    Keansa Partners with Ecociate Consultants, a leading organization in Agribusiness and Livelihood consulting. Ecociate and Keansa are working on delivering Agricultural Value Chain solutions to Farmer Producer Companies in the state of Odhisha.

  6. time-line
    Dec, 2019
    Looking ahead!

    If you have come here, you must have liked our story. We are looking forward to 2019 for extending our customer outreach in both Technology Services and Products. We would like to meet more people, serve more businesses and deliver greater value on the lines of our vision and mission.

Our Vision

"New Technologies have the power to solve big and small problems that affect humanity adversely today which we have taken for granted. As technologists we will play a part in finding answers and providing solutions to such problems by putting in our head, heart and hands."

Our Mission

To be the technology partner of choice for forward looking customers and work together to transform technological advances into business advantage and social progress.


Our Valuable Clients and Partners

We serve and partner with some of the best minds and influential organizations that are working to deliver value through technology. We cherish the opportunities where our efforts make a difference.